Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Venue magazine started up in the early 80's and was a What's On guide similar to London's "Time Out" but catered for the South-West region. Bristol was its main centre of activity but it also included nearby towns such as Bath, Gloucester, Swindon and a couple of others.
Along with the regular cinema reviews, theatre life, art galleries, local events and so on, music was high on their agenda with lots of coverage in the form of interviews, gig reports, clubbing updates and record releases.
The magazine kept going for 30 years, up until as recently as 2012 in fact, when they stopped the mag format but retained the online version.
The cover at the top dates from 1991 and in this particular issue, not only was there an advert for Massive Attack's "Blue Lines" debut album, there was also a review of it - getting a thumb's up on their home turf.
This was also the time when the band ditched the word Attack from the group name for a short while and the ad above shows this change, while my cassette of it is a reminder that they did of course use the full Massive Attack wording on the album cover.

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