Sunday, 14 April 2013


"Big Daddy" first hit the magazine shelves back in 1999 and was in circulation for 4 years approximately.
Its main coverage was the independent hip-hop scene and so the mag was loaded with record & label info, historical old school stuff alongside the latest hot produce, artist profiles & interviews, charts & playlists, not to mention showcasing lifestyle items like graffiti, computer games, fashion and so on.
Big Daddy championed other music styles associated with hip-hop too, which meant lots of articles on funk, soul, reggae, latin and leftfield experimental types - all were thrown into the mix.
The magazine cover at the top dates from 2002 and contained a feature on the history of cut 'n' paste.
Some issues of Big Daddy came with a free CD and the item under the cover is one such freebie that came in a later issue in 2002, a compilation called "The Showstopper".
Finally, highlighting that there was more than hip-hop that cropped up in the magazine, here is a full page ad from an issue dating from 2001 for a reggae compilation album called "Studio One Rockers" released on Soul Jazz Records, and the CD to go with it is out of my collection.

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