Saturday, 6 April 2013


Grooves was an import magazine from the USA that cropped up on the scene at the tail end of the 1990's and continued through to the mid 2000's.
It specialised in electronic music of varying styles - from experimental to dancefloor and so content consisted of pages & pages of record reviews, gig reports, artist profiles and record label overviews. Along with this it also included other bits & pieces of related material such as DVD releases and lowdown on the latest computer software.
Although Grooves ceased publication of the magazine in 2005, it didn't disappear off the radar, it simply just moved onto become an online presentation.
The top image is the cover of the very last issue of Grooves in magazine format.
Under it is an example of a typical record review, this one coming from the same issue.
Accompanying it I have grabbed a copy of the reviewed album out of my collection - this being the CD release of Caro's "The Return Of Caro".

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