Friday, 12 April 2013


Hailing from Madrid in Spain, "Enlace Funk" magazine first appeared in 1996.
Although it is heavily into funk (both the original 70's and the latest contemporary variety) it also touches on various other music styles that come into contact with funk, such as jazz, soul, hip hop, latin and so on.
The cover at the top here dates from 2006 when they were celebrating their 10th anniversary.
Inside this particular issue marking their tenth year, they featured all sorts of "Top Tens" - for example their top ten Jazz albums, top ten Brazilian albums, top ten music books, top ten record labels etc.
So to give you an idea, I have included 2 pages above that contain their top ten bizarre record covers from the soul scene.
The cover in the No1 position is the 1973 Skull Snaps LP and to go with it is my vinyl copy, which is, as you can see, a gatefold sleeve.

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