Monday, 1 April 2013


Bar-F-Out was a music & youth culture magazine from Tokyo that hit the import shelves in the UK in 1992, and although most of the content was printed in Japanese text, there were small bits of it written in English too.
It was a very visual publication, ranging from stylish fashion shots, cool art graphics, to offbeat cartoon doodles. Subjects included books, cafe life, travel, films, hobbies, nightclubbing and so on, with a large chunk of music in the mix. The music it touched on included stuff from the indie, hip hop and pop world, but the genre most associated with the magazine was the acid jazz scene.
The cover image at the top is dated Winter 1993.
Below the front cover is a review of Bar-F-Out that was published in USA magazine, "On The One" in 1994.
Bar-F-Out had help from a few well known names along the way and one such example was the contribution in the middle item above, a piece written by Tadashi Yabe from United Future Organization.
Finally, I have finished the sequence with one of UFO's albums out of my CD collection - the 1994 release "Taboo" - the reason.... it features a track on it called "Bar-F-Out".

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