Saturday, 14 December 2013


More archive stuff relating to Nervous Records...
At the top is a tape that was given away free with an issue of DJ Mag back in 1994 and contains a variety of Nervous tracks mixed by CJ Mackintosh.
From an August 1993 issue of DJ Mag there is an article about the release of the Black Moon album that was coming out on Nervous Wreck.
Next up is a review that was published in Wire magazine at the end of 1992 and is for the compilation album "Nervous Records - New York" released on React.
Under that is another review of the same album, this time from an October 1992 DJ Mag.
Finally, I have accompanied the albums that get a mention with vinyl copies from my own collection - namely, the Nervous compilation and the Black Moon LP "Enta Da Stage".

Friday, 13 December 2013


The item at the top was published in DJ Mag in May 1992 when Nervous Records had only been on the go for a few months, but even with such an early overview of the New York label as this, they had already achieved cult status on the underground dance scene.
Underneath that are 2 stickers from DJ Mag dating from 1992 and are a couple of variations of the Nervous logo.
Next up, from an October 1992 DJ Mag, is an ad for a compilation of Nervous tracks that was released on React.
Following that is an ad for Nervous t-shirts that also comes from a DJ Mag dated '92.
The next ad was published in Underground News in 1994 and highlights the Nervous Records stablemates - namely, Wreck, Weeded and Sorted.
Finally, we end as we started, with another overview of the label's output but this time from 1995 when Nervous were well established, and not just for their house tracks but hip hop, jazzy grooves, techno and suchlike as well. This particular article is from a 1995 issue of Mixmag.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


A few bits & pieces from the 90's based around Eightball Records, the jazzy house label from New York.
The top item is a brief general overview of the label's output and was published in Mixmag in 1995.
Under it is the oldest item in the bundle which dates from 1991 and is an ad that appeared in Sidewinder magazine.
Next up are 2 ads from Underground News magazine with the one for the shop dated 1993 and the one with the summer collection dated 1994.
Following those are 2 ads from Straight No Chaser magazine - the one with the record sleeves is from 1994 and the other with the clothing merchandise is dated 1995.
The 2 stickers featuring variations on the Eightball logo are from DJ magazine and date from the early/mid 90's.
Underneath the stickers are 2 items that cropped up in a 1993 issue of Wire magazine - one is a competition to win an Eightball compilation album, and the other is a review of the album.
Finally, I have plucked out the very album from my own collection - the full title of the compilation being "Eightball Records Present Jazz Not Jazz" and from that you can conclude that it contains a fine set of jazz-house grooves.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


The item at the top is a full page ad that appeared in Free! magazine back in January 1991.
It's basically highlighting a few of the acts to watch out for that were on labels connected to AVL.
One of the labels showcased is Ten Records, and one of the acts on Ten was Unique 3.
So underneath it I have a snippet from the ad that contains various magazine comments about the Unique 3 album called "Jus' Unique" which was released in 1990.
From my own shelves at home I have accompanied the items with the album itself, and as you can see, it's a double vinyl gatefold job.

Friday, 6 December 2013


The playlist at the top is from an issue of Straight No Chaser magazine when they did a feature about dub back in 1991.
In amongst the reggae dub classics are a couple of dance grooves from clubland, with one of them being a single by Less Stress called "Don't Dream It's Over".
So I've plucked out my 12" copy of the record to accompany the SNC chart - a slice of vinyl that was released on Boy's Own Productions.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


The ad at the top was published in a Spring 1991 issue of Straight No Chaser magazine, as was the playlist under it which was compiled by Gilles Peterson and both feature the Galliano album "In Pursuit Of The 13th Note".
The LP cover is from my collection at home, a vinyl copy released on Talkin Loud.

Saturday, 30 November 2013


I have almost all of the Totally Wired series, not quite the complete set but I'm only about 2 volumes short.
The stuff above all pertain to volume 9 in the series which was roughly around the halfway mark.
The top item is an ad that appeared in a November 1992 issue of Touch magazine.
Next is a review of the album from a December '92 issue of Touch.
Under that is another review, this time coming from a November '92 issue of DJ magazine.
Finally, I have accompanied the articles with a vinyl copy of the LP from my shelves at home - the compilation released on Acid Jazz of course.

Friday, 29 November 2013


The chart at the top comes from an Autumn issue of Straight No Chaser magazine dated 1993 and is the Dubfire playlist that was doing the biz back then in Washington DC.
From it I've plucked out the Fishbelly Black EP, a 6 track slice of vinyl on Backbeat Records with George Mitchell the main man behind it.
The one on display here being out of my racks at home.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


The ad at the top for Tosca's "Suzuki" album comes from a Jockey Slut magazine dated March 2000.
The review of the album was also published in the same issue and points out that it is more chillout than dancefloor.
The CD of it is from my collection at home and it was released on G-Stone / !K7.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Some Kold Sweat stuff from the early 90's.
The top item is dated February 1991 and was published in Hip Hop Connection magazine. It's a bit of info about new releases to watch out for.
Following that are a couple of snippets from a 1992 DJ magazine also containing news about new releases.
Underneath that is a chart from DJ mag dated November 1992 and on it is Unanimous Decision with their "Rap Sings The Blues" track.
Next up is a Kold Sweat discography dating from 1992.
The ad for Katch 22 and Krispy 3 releases dates from spring 1993 and is from a Straight No Chaser magazine.
Finally, I have included 3 Kold Sweat EP's from my collection - the first one is the 1991 "Make A Living" 12" by Unanimous Decision and features 6 tracks.
The next one is also a Unanimous Decision 12", a 1992 release called "Bomb Diffusal" and also containing 6 tracks.
The last piece of vinyl is from 1992 and is the "Tales From The Southside" EP by Moving In The Right Direction, and it has 7 tracks on it.