Saturday, 20 April 2013


Breakin' Point magazine had a lifespan of 6 years - 1997 to 2003.
It covered the main urban styles of music kicking around on the underground scene - hip hop, drum & bass, jazzy grooves, breaks, reggae, leftfield and so on, as well as dabbling in lifestyle stuff such as the latest movies, computer games and street sports.
The music content appeared in the form of artist profiles, gig reports, clubbing updates and of course lots of pages of record reviews. Then there was the added bonus of the free Breakin' Point compilation CD's, 3 examples of which I have included above - Def Jux, Stones Throw and Tru Thoughts.
To give you an idea of their album review material, I have plucked out a write-up from a 2003 issue for the excellent King Geedorah release "Take Me To Your Leader" out on Big Dada.
Incidentally, the yellow item near the top is a promo sticker they had advertising their website address, an online presence which is no longer on the go.

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