Thursday, 18 April 2013


Sidewinder wasn't a publication you could buy individually from the magazine racks, it was a supplement dished out every so often in Straight No Chaser mag. As a matter of fact, I think the 3 above may have been the only ones that made up the series. If there were any others then I haven't seen them.
Anyway, the idea behind them was to focus on a certain part of the world and give the lowdown on what was happening musically in their underground dancefloor scene.
So the 3 at the top are USA (1991) - Japan (1993) - South Africa (1995).
Extracting a couple of playlists from the USA issue as an example of the contents, here we have the top tunes that were going down at Soul Sauce at Downey's in Philadephia with DJ's King Britt & Jeff Natt. Meanwhile, over in New York, DJ Smash was blasting out his hot selection at Giant Step at the Groove Academy.
To accompany the items I have plucked out a record from my own shelves that appears on both playlists - Snowboy's single "Give Me The Sunshine" being the choice in NYC and the flip side "El Nuevo Latino" the favoured tune in Philly.

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