Tuesday, 9 April 2013


There are plenty of articles on the Internet about the history of UK radio station, Jazz FM, therefore I won't need to delve into that aspect here, so most of the items above relate more to their magazine.
At the very top however, are 2 cuttings that contain news about the launch of Jazz FM in 1990 - the one on the left is from Echoes music paper and the one on the right is out of Straight No Chaser magazine.
Jazz FM magazine started up around the same time as the radio launch and the cover above was their very first issue. Needless to say it consisted of lots of artist profiles, lots of record reviews, gig reports, tour dates, along with a few other features such as a historical overview called "Century Of Jazz".
Their radio station was also given quite a high profile in the mag of course, and the item under the cover is a sample of their first radio schedule that had the likes of Gilles Peterson doing a 4 hour Saturday afternoon spot.
An example of the kind of record review they had in the first issue was the one featured here - "The Mambo Kings Play Songs Of Love" released on Caliente.
The album came out the same time as the book and both were reviewed in the mag, with the album getting a much better write-up than the novel, as you can read for yourself.
I didn't bother with the book but did end up getting the LP on vinyl which is the final item above.

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