I got a reminder recently when rummaging around the shelves at home, that I had done quite a lot of rummaging around record racks and magazine racks in the past when trying to keep track of the latest dancefloor sounds that were cropping up on the underground club scene. As a consequence, I have assembled a collection of related items, some of which I thought I'd put up on display on the net.
Most of what I have dates from the mid 1980's - mid 2000's period and are a good reminder as to how the underground dance music scene was being presented in specialist music mags, record shops and nightclubs at the time.
I'll be concentrating mainly on the recorded product rather than the acts, so material will include record sleeves, magazines, record reviews, DJ playlists, record labels, adverts, record shops and so on.
I won't be doing artiste profiles or uploading any music.
Some of the stuff I found I didn't even realise I had kept, but there should be enough content to give you a flavour of what the scene was like during this era and how it was being sold to those of us who indulged!

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