Thursday, 4 April 2013


UK based Hip Hop Connection magazine started up in the late 1980's and was in circulation for over 20 years. It embraced the whole hip hop culture so not only did you get the music content, you also got the fashion pages and the graffiti pages that went with it.
The music coverage itself cropped up in the shape of artist interviews, record reviews, charts, playlists, tour dates and clubbing events.
The top image here displays 3 mag covers dated 1989, 1990 & 1991.
The advert under it for HHC comes from an issue of Echoes newspaper dated July 1989.
An example of the kind of album reviews they'd publish in HHC is shown in the item in the middle which dates from 1990 and is for the Jungle Brothers LP "Done By The Forces Of Nature".
Lastly, I've raided my own record collection and accompanied the review with my vinyl copy.

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