Saturday, 2 November 2013


The 2 magazines from the mid 80's at the top are Black Beat International.
The one with Puma on is from 1984 and the Stevie one is 1985.
BBI covered a wide variety of black related music, from established mainstream artists to new acts cropping up on the underground scene.
It catered for soul, reggae, African, hip hop, funk & jazz in the main and the material consisted of interviews, news updates, special features and record reviews.
Not sure when it ceased publication but it was still in circulation in the mid 90's.
So to give you an idea of what kind of music was inside the mag, underneath the covers I have put up a page of charts from the 1984 issue, and as you will see it contains soca, African, reggae, soul and hip hop.
You'll also notice that the hip hop chart was compiled by a very young Tim Westwood - this playlist going back to his early electro B-boy roots!
From the Westwood chart I have accompanied it with a 12" single out of my own collection - namely, Kurtis Blow with "Underfire", which also has a rather tasty cover that is characteristic of its time.

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  1. i used to subscribe to BBI back in 84. great to see issue again. rankin' charts page! thanks for the posting....