Saturday, 16 November 2013


Here's more examples of hip hop mixtapes from the early/mid 1990's period.
The top 2 pages are typical of the kind of material that was available from mail order catalogues back then. The 2 shown here are from a guy in London who was selling the mixtapes in 1994, featuring the likes of Kid Magic, Wimpy Bee, First Klass, Double R, Boy Wonder, Silva Surfa, Ed Swift and Buck Wild.
Underneath those are photos of a couple of cassettes I got the year before from another mail order source and they are recordings from two of the hottest rap radio shows in USA at the time - Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito and Funkmaster Flex - both New York based and both 1993. They were double cassette packs too, so plenty of material to tune into.
Lastly, the cutting above is taken from a January 1998 issue of USA hip hop magazine, The Source, and in this particular edition they were celebrating their 100th issue and so listed their favourite albums, acts, labels and so on from past issues. Top of their favourite radio show list was Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito.

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