Friday, 8 November 2013


Gilles Peterson is to dancefloor jazz & beats what John Peel was to rock & alternative music.
No in-depth profile here though, just a few bits & pieces that pertain to his early years as a DJ.
Gilles appears in one way or another in just about every old music magazine I have at home, so there was lots to dip into.
Starting at the top then - this is the earliest example I have of GP as a magazine contributor, this being his jazz page from Street Scene magazine dated March 1986, containing gig updates and record info mostly.
Next up is an item that appeared in an October 1986 issue of Wire magazine and has news about his Jazz Juice link with the Street Sounds label as well as mention of his radio show starting up on Radio London.
Underneath that is an ad from Blues & Soul magazine and is dated December 1987, with Gilles the DJ at one of Nite FM's club nights.
Staying with B&S mag, the next item is GP's Mad On Jazz page from an issue dated October 1988 and is quite similar to his Street Scene one in that it consists of gig info and record releases in the main.
Following on from that is an ad from spring 1989 published in Straight No Chaser magazine and is for one of his now legendary, jazz sessions at Dingwalls.
Finally, a delve into my old cassette collection from my Walkman days, this is the oldest product I have with Gilles Peterson's name on it - the first volume of Jazz Juice released on Street Sounds in 1985, of which Mr P is credited as doing the album co-ordination.

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