Sunday, 10 November 2013


Although Gilles Peterson is more known for spinning records and running record labels rather than performing on them, he does in fact make an appearance on this record above as one of the band members.
That's How It Is was a free-form kind of club night at Bar Rumba in London, with the DJ's playing a mix of jazz and leftfield dance grooves, as well as guest acts passing through.
The item at the top is from a winter issue of Straight No Chaser magazine dated 1993 and is basically a club update for London but contains the news of the imminent release of a limited 12" EP under the That How It Is name.
Under it is a review of the record, also published in SNC at the end of '93.
By early 1994 the record is now out and about being played all over the place, with the SNC chart above compiled by DJ Def Lef showing he had That's How It Is on his playlist at Cafe Creme in Gothenberg.
Finally, I have accompanied the items with my copy of the EP, and you'll be able to spot that Gilles is credited as doing the clapping rhythm on Upa Neguinho!

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