Saturday, 23 November 2013


Some Kold Sweat stuff from the early 90's.
The top item is dated February 1991 and was published in Hip Hop Connection magazine. It's a bit of info about new releases to watch out for.
Following that are a couple of snippets from a 1992 DJ magazine also containing news about new releases.
Underneath that is a chart from DJ mag dated November 1992 and on it is Unanimous Decision with their "Rap Sings The Blues" track.
Next up is a Kold Sweat discography dating from 1992.
The ad for Katch 22 and Krispy 3 releases dates from spring 1993 and is from a Straight No Chaser magazine.
Finally, I have included 3 Kold Sweat EP's from my collection - the first one is the 1991 "Make A Living" 12" by Unanimous Decision and features 6 tracks.
The next one is also a Unanimous Decision 12", a 1992 release called "Bomb Diffusal" and also containing 6 tracks.
The last piece of vinyl is from 1992 and is the "Tales From The Southside" EP by Moving In The Right Direction, and it has 7 tracks on it.

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