Saturday, 9 November 2013


Before Gilles Peterson got his national show on BBC radio in 1998, he used to broadcast on other stations based in London.
All the charts above were published in Straight No Chaser magazine in the 90's and show you the kind of material he was playing across London's airwaves.
The list at the top dating from spring 1990 is from his Jazz FM days.
Under that is a playlist from his time at Kiss and that one is dated 1995.
The third chart is from Autumn 1998, and although the BBC were very slow on the uptake embracing the jazz-dance scene, Gilles' national show on Radio One is eventually up & running.
Under the charts are around 100 of my homemade cassettes, tape recordings of Gilles' BBC radio show "Worldwide" all of which date from the late 90's to the early 2000's. The tapes include his very first broadcast, and things like his 1998 World Cup special!
And to prove that home taping doesn't kill music, it actually helps a persons awareness when it comes to shopping, I referred to the content of these shows to go out and buy the stuff in order to have the originals as part of my own collection. In fact, the quantity of purchases I made would have turned out to be much less if I didn't record these shows.
Anyway, perhaps to also prove that I may have been a bit of a groove glutton, recording the Worldwide radio shows didn't stop me buying the album compilations of the show either, the CD above being the first in the series, released in 2000.

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