Wednesday, 30 October 2013


A few bits & pieces from the late 80's featuring De La Soul.
The ad at the top is from a 1989 issue of Soul Underground magazine and is for the release of their "Eye Know" single.
Underneath it is the cover of the record from my shelves at home. This one being the 7" version.
Next up is a rather bizarre advert that cropped up in a 1989 issue of Hip Hop Connection magazine.
For those who weren't around at the time, the guy holding up the briefcase is Nigel Lawson, who was UK's Chancellor Of The Exchequer, a position in life that was a million miles away from De La Soul!
Anyway, on the briefcase are two products I also have, their debut album and their video.
After that, and also from Hip Hop Connection magazine, is an item that featured in their January 1990 issue when the magazine's contributors compiled their best hip hop records of the 80's, and on the Richard Reyes example above, you'll be able to see that De La Souls' debut album "3 Feet High And Rising" was top of his list.
Finally, I have accompanied the items with my own LP sleeve that I bought when it came out.

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