Saturday, 5 October 2013


The top item is from an issue of Wire magazine dated November 1994 and is a review of a book called "The New Beats" which takes an in-depth look at hip hop culture. It's written by S.H. Fernando Jr, and in '94 it was originally published by Anchor Books. However, by 1995, the book was snapped up by Scottish publishers, Payback Press.
The 2nd item is from a 1995 Straight No Chaser magazine and is a brief overview about Payback and its releases, with The New Beats one of the books getting a mention.
Underneath that is my copy of the book, the front & back cover on display being the '95 Payback version rather than the '94 Anchor one.
In the book itself, there are lists of records at the end of each chapter providing examples of the kind of music referred to in a particular chapter's theme - so for example, the one I have up above is the recommended list that covers a chapter titled Rebirth Of A Nation.
One of the records in the list is the album here plucked out from my shelves at home - The X Clan with their LP "To The East Blackwards", released in 1989.

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