Sunday, 20 October 2013


"Dig" started around the early 90's in Leeds - a club night that featured jazz and its associated music such as Latin, funk, hip hop and soul.
It was run by a team called the Dig! Alliance who also organised other projects connected to it.
The top item is from a 1992 issue of DJ magazine, displaying a typical list of events that were going on at Dig back then and is accompanied by one of the Dig graphics.
Next up is an article featured in Straight No Chaser magazine in 1993, this being just a snippet of a longer piece they did about Dig.
In 1994, the Dig nights closed for a period, then transformed under a different name, The Yardbird Suite Jazz Club, and the 3rd item above is from a 1996 issue of UK Vibe magazine, giving a bit of information about what was going on behind the scenes, as well a supplying details of their recorded output.
Underneath that is an ad also from UK Vibe in 1996 and is for The Yardbird Suite Jazz Club.
Finally, I have put up my copy of the Dig! Alliance debut recording released on Clean Up Records in 1994 - a 12 inch slice of vinyl called the "Turntable Jazz EP".

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