Friday, 18 October 2013


The Hi-Hat was a monthly club night that started up in the mid 1990's at the Jazz Cafe in London.
Main DJ's were Snowboy and Phil Levene, with the music a mix of Latin, jazz and Afrobeat in the main.
The place was so good that not only did it attract clubbers from all over the UK, it even had a devotee from America who flew over from the States to get his regular monthly dose of sounds! This was Professor Robert Farris Thompson, a lecturer of Afro-Cuban culture at Yale University.
A club to be taken seriously.
So the top item is an ad for The Hi-Hat that appeared in Big Daddy magazine in 2002.
Under it is a playlist also from Big Daddy but from a year earlier and shows some of the tracks that were being played on the dancefloor in 2001.
In 2001 Snowboy compiled an album featuring a selection of tracks that were doing the business at The Hi-Hat and the ad for the album was published in Straight No Chaser magazine that same year.
Underneath it is a review of the album also from SNC.
Lastly, I have put my CD up to go with the items - the album's full title being "Snowboy presents the return of The Hi-Hat - Essential Cuban, Brazilian, Hard Bop + Fusion  from the true jazz-dance session" - which was released on Ocho.

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