Friday, 25 October 2013


In 1994, Compost Records in Germany started up a compilation series called "Glucklich" featuring a variety of Brazilian themed jazz grooves.
The item at the top is an early sighting of the first volume, cropping up in a Crazy Beat Records ad published in Acid Jazz News magazine in 1994.
Next is a review of the album from Birmingham Vibe magazine, also from 1994.
Accompanying these is my vinyl copy of the LP.
Following on from the 94 items are 3 articles that all come from a 1999 Straight No Chaser magazine.
First is an ad featuring 3 volumes of Glucklich.
Under it is a review of volume 3.
The Jazzin 10 chart was compiled by the UFO crew in Japan who were dipping into Glucklich 3 for their club nights and radio show.
Lastly, I have vol 3 on CD so have put the cover up to go along with the 1999 stuff.
Compost kept the series going up to volume 5 in 2002.

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