Saturday, 12 October 2013


Shook magazine hit the shelves around the tail end of 2007 and is pretty much a follow-on from Straight No Chaser magazine.
There was a touch less emphasis on jazz compared to SNC as Shook set off on the search for all sorts of urban based sounds from around the globe, so the material contains a wide range of styles such as African, electronic, funk, experimental, soul, hip hop, Latin, dubstep and so on. Content comes in the form of interviews, special features, reviews and galleries, with a few pages of lifestyle stuff included.
The top item shows the covers of the first 4 issues of Shook.
Underneath it is an example of the kind of music they cover in the record review pages - the one above being a compilation album called "Well Deep" which was released on Big Dada in 2007.
Lastly, I have accompanied the review of Well Deep with my copy, which isn't the CD version, but the DVD version containing all of their promo videos, a documentary and lots of added extras.
I got mine as a promotional issue.

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