Saturday, 14 September 2013


Some stuff here relating to the influential 90's techno record label from Detroit, Underground Resistance.
The top item is a brief & basic overview of UR that was published in Mixmag in 1995.
One of the records mentioned in the article is the "Galaxy 2 Galaxy" release of 1993. This was spread across 2 x 12" slabs of vinyl that came out as a double pack EP. No info or graphics on the sleeve so I have accompanied it with pictures of the label details on the vinyl, each one different.
Incidentally, the scratches you can see at the top left of side d - is a cryptic message from Mad Mike!
Lastly, the same record gets a mention in a chart that was compiled by Dave Clark, giving his top 10 choice of techno records for September '93. This was published in Generator magazine as part of a page called Sound & Direction which was a monthly review of the latest techno record releases.

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