Wednesday, 4 September 2013


The chart at the top is from a 1994 issue of Straight No Chaser magazine and was put together by DJ BNX of Campus Radio in Toulouse, France.
The record at the No 1 spot was a white label/bootleg/unofficial release kind of thing, and I have plucked it out of my collection at home.
It's called "Quelque Chose De Jazz - Act 2" and was compiled by DJ Yellow & Chris (AKA Bob Sinclair).
It featured a selection of rare tracks that were doing the biz on the jazz dance floors at the time, the material a mixture of funk, jazz and Brazilian grooves.
Although the album was an unofficial release, so to speak, these types of compilations were very useful as most of the tracks involved would be rather expensive to buy if you managed to find original copies of them.
Needless to say, this was a mail order purchase rather than from a record shop.
Incidentally, the vinyl does have "YP002" scratched on it which could indicate "Yellow Productions".

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