Saturday, 21 September 2013


Yesterday I posted some items featuring United Future Organization's earliest appearances in music magazines in the UK, but I suppose the items above could be examples of their rarest.
There is a good reason for this mind you, as this product was only officially available in Japan.
The advert at the top is from the Japanese magazine, Bar-F-Out, an issue dated December 1995, and it displays a variety of new jazzy record releases.
There are 2 UFO related items mentioned in the ad - one is a video called "The Scene", a very nice behind the scenes styled documentary mixed in with some of their promo videos.
The other item is a record release called the "Cosmic Gypsy EP" a 4 track creation that came out on Brownswood.
Although this material was for the Japanese market, you could track some of it down in specialist shops in the UK when occasionally, the odd release from Japan would crop up in the "Import" racks - which is where I got my mag and CD above.
And to show I wasn't the only one in the UK who grabbed a copy of Cosmic Gypsy, the Straight No Chaser magazine chart above is a playlist compiled by Russ Dewbury who gave the EP a blast at the Jazz Rooms in Brighton in early 1996.
Then again, there's a good chance that Russ actually got his in Japan!

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