Saturday, 28 September 2013


Earlier in June this year, I put up a photo of the Daddy Kool shop in London and also highlighted the fact that they used to advertise their mail order service in Echoes music paper on a regular basis.
Well the top 4 items are an example of pages from one of their mail order catalogues, this one dated December 1992.
It actually has a total of 34 pages, loaded with roots reggae, ragga, lovers, dub, dancehall, poetry, ska - all reggae based grooves in fact, plus it also supplies some soul, blues and soca.
I'll be dipping into the catalogue again at a later stage but for now I've decided to showcase the dub section. As you can see, no shortage of dub on offer back in '92 and there are lots listed there that I have at home, but to keep things nice and manageable, I have only plucked out 2 albums that get a mention, just to go along with the feature.
So I've opted for a Jah Shaka LP called "Deliverance - Commandments Of Dub Chapter 6" which was released on Jah Shaka Music in 1987.
Also included is a 1989 album by Zulu Warriors called "Warrior Dub" and that came out on WAU Mr Modo.

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