Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Staying in Bristol a moment longer, I thought I'd put a few items up about The Thekla.
The Thekla (a nightclub boat) started up their jazzy sessions in 1988 under the name of "The Cooker".
Tin Tin and Dr Jam were the two main DJ's throwing down a dancefloor mix of jazz, funk, latin & hip hop and it didn't take too long for word to spread around the UK and further afield, about this hot new club.
The item at the top is from a 1989 Straight No Chaser magazine that went under the headline of "Great Clubs Of The World" and tells a bit about how The Cooker was sizzling back then.
The Thekla then closed in 1990 to have some modernisation work done to it and re-opened in 1991.
The before & after ad is from an April 1991 issue of Venue magazine, as is the review under it.
Next up (the 3 blue pages) is an article that was published in World Beat magazine in 1991 that not only gives you a bit of background info about The Cooker, it also features a few photos of the DJ's and the clubbers.
Finally, to get a flavour of some of the sounds that were blasting out on the boat, the last item is a playlist from a 1989 SNC compiled by Tin Tin, showcasing 10 tracks that were doing the biz on The Cooker dancefloor!

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