Friday, 27 September 2013


The ad at the top was published in Straight No Chaser magazine in 2000.
It's for the London based record store, Soho Jazz & Soul.
I used to get their mail order catalogue in the mid 1990's and so thought I'd put up an example.
Under the ad are 4 pages from one of their 1996 catalogues containing a variety of music styles such as jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, triphop and drum & bass. This was just a small selection of what the store stocked of course, mostly featuring new releases or records that were doing the business on the dancefloors at the time.
Picking a record out that appears on the list, I spotted Dimitri From Paris in there and so have accompanied the catalogue with an advert from a 1996 issue of SNC mag for the "Sacrebleu" album.
The album cover is from my racks at home, a double vinyl release that came out on Yellow Productions.

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