Wednesday, 22 May 2013


USA magazine, Wax Poetics, first landed in the UK import racks in 2002.
Funk, hip hop, soul, disco, dub, jazz and other such black influenced music is what it specialises in.
It doesn't really copy other specialist mags in this field, for example there are no record reviews of new releases, no DJ charts, no gig guides and such like - Wax Poetics material consists mostly of interviews, historical articles, special features and in-depth overviews relating to various aspects like record labels, bands, music genres and so on. The fact that the magazine is still running today shows that it's a formula that works.
The image at the top is an example of one of their covers - this is dated 2004.
Underneath it is a review of Wax Poetics that appeared in UK mag, Straight No Chaser back in 2002, just around the time WP first appeared on the scene - and getting a big SNC thumbs up in the process!
Next up is an ad that appeared in Wax Poetics in 2004 - featuring the Oh No album "The Disrupt", plus some other Stones Throw stuff.
Lastly, I have accompanied the ad with my CD copy of The Disrupt, so you could read who's on it.

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