Thursday, 2 May 2013


Touch magazine was the result of a transformation from its previous incarnation, FREE! magazine, as featured in yesterday's post. This change took place in March 1991 but it at this stage it really was just the title of the mag that was different, the content was pretty much the same as before, along with the fact that it was still focusing on London in the main and it was still available for free around record shops, trendy stores and clubs. It wasn't until a while later when Touch became obtainable around the UK that the material changed slightly and they introduced things like life-style pages and so on, not to mention a price tag appearing!
Anyway, it continued as a good urban black music source and the front cover on top dating from 1992 will give you an idea of the sort of stuff that was inside.
In later years the mag also came with free promo CD's attached, however, even further down the line in 2008, Touch eventually shut shop.
The item under the cover image is a review of the magazine that cropped up in Birmingham Vibe fanzine in 1995, and they were a touch critical about certain aspects.
Underneath the review is an example of one of Touch's album reviews, a compilation of street soul called "R U Conscious" that came out in 1992.
I have grabbed a vinyl copy of the LP from my shelves to go with the item.

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