Wednesday, 1 May 2013


FREE! magazine started up in 1989 as a free publication for the London area.
It covered the latest underground sounds that were cooking on the dancefloors at the time so it embraced the likes of hip hop, house, soul, reggae and acid jazz.
There were plenty of pages devoted to record reviews and just as many on the local clubbing scene.
FREE! lasted up until March 1991 when it became transformed into Touch magazine.
Starting at the top here - the cover is dated January 1991 and in this particular issue it featured a few of the hot acts to watch out for that year.
FREE! also presented a monthly club night at The Arch under the banner of "Reach" and you can see in the ad above the kind of music being played at those events.
To give you an idea of the mag's record review coverage, I have included the lowdown from the "Hip Hop Page" highlighting a few of the newest releases on the go that month and supplying a Vinyl Lab chart alongside it.
Raking through my own racks at home I have plucked out the Lakim Shabazz album "The Lost Tribe Of Shabazz" seeing as it gets a mention in the article.

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