Saturday, 18 May 2013


The Face magazine appeared on the scene in 1980 and lasted for almost quarter of a century.
It was a youth culture mag so needless to say the contents did contain a large chunk of music related material in amongst its lifestyle pages. They didn't really present the usual record reviews and charts kind of coverage, their music stuff was mostly band interviews, clubbing features, latest music trends, behind the scenes reports and of course, the fashions that fitted the fads.
The cover on top dates from 1988 and was a special magazine celebrating their 100th issue, one that had them taking a look back at what the 80's had been like up to then.
From that 100th issue I have included an ad for Eric B & Rakim's "Follow The Leader" album released the same year, and I have also put up my vinyl copy of the LP to accompany it.

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