Wednesday, 15 May 2013


UK based Jazz Express magazine started up in 1979 and covered a combination of mainstream jazz and the more streetwise variety.
The mag's material consisted of jazz related news items, gig dates, festival info, musician interviews, special features and record reviews.
I'm not certain when Jazz Express reached the end of its run but I do know it is no longer on the go.
The cover on top dates from 1993.
The next item was published in Birmingham Vibe magazine in 1995 and is an overview of Jazz Express when Vibe did a feature on music magazines that were in circulation at the time.
Underneath it is an example of the kind of record review that appeared in Jazz Express, this one being for Greg Osby's "3-D Lifestyles" album released on Blue Note.
I have the vinyl version of this LP so thought I'd put the cover up to accompany the review.

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