Sunday, 26 May 2013


Soul Express was a magazine from Helsinki who had quite a lengthy run in publication compared to some - 1989 to 2005 to be exact.
It first started off printed in Finnish text but became anglicised in 1993.
Soul music was the main music form at its hub but it also incorporated other styles associated with the genre such as jazz, funk & hip hop.
It was loaded with record reviews, charts, artist interviews and other related features.
Since its final issue in printed format in 2005, Soul Express has continued with an online version.
The top items above are 2 random examples of the mags covers - one from '93 and the other from '95.
Underneath is a chart list that contains the mags albums of the year for 1992 as chosen by various contributors, and as you can see, the material covers mainly soul but also has funk, hip hop and jazz albums in there too.
The yellow item is an example of one of their album reviews from 1995 and is for the James Taylor Quartet release called "In The Hand Of The Inevitable", on Acid Jazz records.
So dipping into my own record collection, I have put up the JTQ vinyl cover to go alongside the review.

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