Sunday, 19 May 2013


Following on from yesterday's post, the item at the top is a feature that cropped up in the 100th issue of The Face and is a diagrammatic overview of London's clubbing scene from 1978 to 1988. It contains not only all the main nightclubs but also the dates they began and some of the people who were connected to them.
[To read, you'll need to click onto it to view the enlarged version, or download it to your pc and zoom in.]
One of the clubs mentioned in the diagram is Limelight, a venue that opened in Shaftesbury Avenue in 1986.
The photo of the nightclub was taken by my brother in 1987 and shows the well known Limelight logo on their banners.
Underneath the picture is an ad from Soul Underground magazine who had organised a P-Funk night at Limelight. This is dated February 1988.
And so from the mothership to receivership - yes, in 1992 Limelight did go into receivership and had to hand over its business to Touche Ross & Co to keep things ticking, however, as you can see in the final ad, which is from a Dec/Jan issue of Touch magazine, the nightclub wasn't dead and buried quite yet, in fact it was preparing for its 'Resurrection' in January 1993!

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