Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Rough Trade record shop is normally associated with the alternative/indie music scene, but needless to say, they also made sure you were able to get hold of the latest electronic dancefloor goodies, the freshest hip hop and the hottest reggae records too.
I took the above photo of their shop in Talbot Road in 2002 and during the same visit I also snapped the interior shot underneath it featuring a wall display of original 7 inch record sleeves dating back to their early punk days.
However, instead of accompanying the 2 photos with vinyl out of my own collection, I thought I'd put up a couple of rarer items that are Rough Trade products.
The first is a cassette called "Well Charge" and is a tape that may have been given away free with NME sometime around the early-mid 1980's, not 100% sure on that. The content consists of reggae tracks from the early 70's period, mixed at Channel One Studios.
The other item is a VHS video cassette they released in 1986 called "Not Television - a Rough Trade Video Show", hosted by Ivor Cutler. Plenty variety of music styles on it including some rare promos from the likes of Unknown Cases, Cabaret Voltaire, The Enemy Within etc.


  1. Hello ! The Channel 1 tape was commercially available as I bought it at the time ! It's a wonderful compilation. It was only the Rough Trade C81 tape which was released in conjunction with NME.
    A gallery I'm compiling of some unusual Rough Trade stuff :

    Stephen Drennan (

  2. Thanks for the tape info Stephen.
    I do still have most of the NME tapes, including the C81 one, and the Channel 1 cassette was in amongst where I have them stored - so I kind of just half guessed an NME link!
    Good to get the proper lowdown.