Saturday, 15 June 2013


Check Dis magazine appeared in 1991 and covered London's underground dance scene in the main.
There were lots of artist profiles, record label overviews, charts, record reviews, clubbing updates as well as a few cartoons strips.
Music styles referred to were - house, soul, acid jazz, hip hop, rave, funk and reggae.
Check Dis started off in magazine format but later changed to a tabloid sized music paper.
The top item displays some examples of their magazine covers dated 1991 & 92.
Under it is a feature from one of the mags about Soul Jazz Records - the shop and the record label.
At the time the article was written, they were trying to negotiate a deal to have a 1974 album by Eddie Russ released on Soul Jazz Records.
And as you can see by my copy of the LP, they did indeed successfully manage to release the "Fresh Out" album on their own label in 1992.

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