Sunday, 16 June 2013


As I mentioned in yesterday's post about Check Dis magazine, in July 1992 the mag changed from its regular published format and turned into a tabloid sized music paper.
The contents were more or less the same as the magazine, the features and the music genres remaining as they were. They also continued their London nightclub updates, but out went the cartoon strips and in came occasional reports from the underground dance scene in the States.
At the top of the post here I have put up the first 3 Check Dis covers from when they changed to a music paper. All dated 1992.
Under the covers there is an example of one of their album reviews from 1992.
So taking my cue from the review, I have put up that very album out of my own collection to go with the item.
The LP being a compilation called "Mo' Jazz" released on the Acid Jazz record label the same year.

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