Wednesday, 5 June 2013


DJ World was a magazine that started up in the 1980's and was only available for members of the Disco Mix Club and record industry types.
Needless to say, the mag contained a lot of DMC related articles from around the world, such as DJ Championship events and conventions.
The music covered was a mixture of house, soul, hip hop and dance based pop, so there were lots of items on new artists, DJ's, record labels, charts & playlists, clubbing reports, record reviews as well as a few write-ups on the latest DJ equipment.
The team involved in this Disco Mix Club mag also produced Mixmag, a publication made available to the general public.
The top image shows a couple of DJ World covers from 1991.
Underneath it is an example of it's content, an article about Blast Records, a dance label from Canada.
To accompany the Blast item, I have included my CD of a compilation Blast Records released in 1991 - called "Blast The House".

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