Sunday, 9 June 2013


Mixmag appeared on the magazine shelves sometime around 1990 (give or take a year) and covered a variety of areas associated with underground clubbing - topical news stories from behind the scenes cropped up quite a lot for example - but of course it's main content was the music itself, so material such as artist profiles, DJ interviews, record reviews, clubbing reports, playlists and gig updates were it's main territory.
Music styles included, house, techno, hip hop, garage, ambient, soul, leftfield, drum & bass and a drop of reggae.
Clubbers would often appear in articles as much as the acts, especially when they were touching on certain subjects such as clubs, locations and things like fashion shoots.
In the early 90's they gave away free cassette mixes with certain issues then further into the 90's the mag came with free CD's.
Mixmag is still going strong today too.
Going back to the early 90's however, the image at the top is an example of one of their covers dating from March 1992 where can get an idea of the content from the names listed.
Under it is an ad from a 1995 issue for an album called "Jazz In The House Vol.2".
Next is Mixmag's review of that very compilation, released on the Slip 'N' Slide label.
And accompanying it is my vinyl copy of the LP.

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