Sunday, 23 June 2013


Big Smoke hit the magazine racks in 2000, although the way it was presented, you might have thought you'd find it in the record racks!
It was designed the same dimensions as a vinyl album and even came inside an album-styled sleeve.
The mag covered the underground hip hop scene so material included artist profiles & interviews, record label appraisals, gig reports, records reviews, some behind the scenes news and a splash of graffiti.
They also made their own volumes of mixtapes that they made available on CD.
Although Big Smoke is still on the go, it has now become an online publication.
The images above are as follows...
Top 2 are an example of what the front & back of the outer sleeve looked like, from an issue dating from 2001.
Under it is the cover of Big Smoke magazine itself from the same issue.
Next up is an ad for Big Smoke that appeared in fellow hip hop magazine, Undercover, in 2002.
Following on from that is a full page ad for Wordplay product that was published in Big Smoke in 2001.
Finally, I have plucked one of the albums that's mentioned in the Wordplay ad out from my own collection - namely, a compilation album called "Word Lab 2".

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