Thursday, 4 July 2013


When I was in Cardiff in 2002, I spotted these posters on a fence and so snapped them in the passing.
The one on the left was for 2 club nights taking place at Cardiff University Students Union.
Room 1 was a Silent Running event featuring Roni Size & Dynamite MC as guests, with Tom & Focus the residents.
Room 2 was the Hustler Showcase night with guest DJ Yoda, and resident, Money Shot.
The bar had Raeph Powel & Max Looker spinning the grooves.
The other poster was for Mr Scruff's 5 hour set at the Coal Exchange which was part of his Trouser Jazz tour. So taking that as my cue, I have raked out a few bits an pieces relating to Mr Scruff in 2002.
Under the picture of the posters is an ad from Big Daddy magazine containing the dates from a tour he did earlier the same year. All UK based gigs except for the Sonar festival in Barcelona.
Next is an ad for the "Trouser Jazz" album that was published in Straight No Chaser magazine.
Underneath the ad is a promo 12 inch jigsaw for the same album that was dished out to various music biz connections, and featuring his own cartoon artwork.
Then there is an album review for Trouser Jazz that appeared in Straight No Chaser.
Finally, I have plucked out the album itself from my own collection, which was released on Ninja Tune.

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