Sunday, 7 July 2013


Can't remember if I got this postcard from a magazine or a record shop but it dates back to 1988.
It was a promotional card for an artist going by the witty name of Scratchmo, but who turned out to be pretty much a one hit wonder.
His name was a modern take on old time jazz star, Satchmo, and the postcard above shows Satchmo on the photograph but has the Scratchmo record details on the flip side.
He released a single on the 4th & Broadway label (Island's dance dept) called "Play That Thing", which was an upbeat jazz sampled dance instrumental.
It was a bit too commercial sounding for my tastes however, so I never bought it, but the record didn't slip through my net completely as I do still have a copy on a home-made compilation tape I did back then featuring various dance tracks recorded off John Peel's radio show!

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