Saturday, 27 July 2013


In the 90's, Depth Charge in York was one of the record shops I used be in contact with to indulge in their hip hop mix tapes.
The above items are a few bits & pieces that have survived from that period.
On top is a typical ad for Depth Charge that appeared in Hip Hop Connection magazine in 1997. These ads would be updated monthly and had their Mail Order details. You can see in this example that they say they have "Loadsa New Mix Tapes In - Write For List", which is exactly what I did!
The stuff under the ad are all dated 1994 - starting with a photo showing an example of the kind of mix tapes I purchased from them.
Next is a postcard I got from Depth Charge main man, Gary, explaining that there was a bit of a mix up with the 5th "Dream FM" tape in the series and that they were being replaced with a new "Slammin' Jams" series. This info pertains to the 2 tapes in the photo.
Under the postcard are the tracklist details taken from the covers of the Slammin' Jams and Dream FM cassettes, with Greenpeace doing the biz music wise.
Unfortunately, Depth Charge didn't manage to keep going very long after the 90's, and eventually closed down just a year or so into the new millennium.

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