Thursday, 11 July 2013


A few bits & pieces of promotional material I have from 1997 for Dr. Octagon.
The top item is a postcard sized sticker featuring the Octagonecologyst album cover on one side with the details of the album and its instrumental counterpart on the flip side.
Under it is a round sticker alternative.
Next up is a promo page from Dreamworks Records in L.A. giving the lowdown on Dr. Octagon members (Kool Keith & Dan The Automator) and the creative process that went into the making of the album.
Following that is a press release from SKG Music detailing a few facts & figures about the release, accompanied by some rave reviews from various publications.
Underneath that is a review of the album's first appearance in 1996, taken from UK's Straight No Chaser magazine.
Finally, I have put up my vinyl copy of the Dr. Octagon LP that was released on Bulk Recordings as a limited edition in 1996 - with Pushead doing the cover artwork.

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