Tuesday, 30 July 2013


These items date from around the 1997/98 period and relate to Barely Breaking Even, a record company that was formed by 2 DJ's - Ben Jolly & Pete Adarkwah.
They had been promoting club nights under the BBE banner since the early 90's but in 1996 they started releasing records on the BBE label.
The item at the top is a letter they sent out that had information about their mail order service. This letter was accompanied by a further 10 pages of record information, including forthcoming releases, and they also chucked in a 12 page CD sized colour brochure to go with it.
I already had a few BBE records in my collection so I used their mail order service to catch up with some that slipped through the net.
One of the albums I bought via this route was their "Let The Minstrels Play On" release, a compilation of jazz/latin fusion tracks from the Muse label.
The review under the letter was part of the mail order details, and the LP cover (double vinyl) is out of my racks at home.

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