Friday, 29 March 2013


Soul Underground magazine ran from 1987 to 1991 and needless to say it covered all the latest music styles associated with the dance music scene at the time, so content included house, hip hop, swingbeat, acid house, acid jazz, soul and funk. The magazine's material contained plenty of features on the hottest acts and record labels, lots of charts, record reviews, clubbing info and so on.
Underneath the 2 cover samples at the top is an item from the very first preview issue showing that they were still getting organised at this point and stating they were "no more than a quality fanzine". The team were also on the look out for volunteers and contributors to help get the ball rolling. They did envisage, however, Soul Underground developing into a fully-fledged magazine further down the line, and indeed this was achieved.
The middle item is an ad from an issue dated March 1988 and lists some releases that came out on Warrior Records back then - and so I've included from my own collection one of the records mentioned in the ad, a compilation called "Acid Beats 1".

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