Tuesday, 19 March 2013


The top item is a photo of London record shop, Intoxica!, that I took back in 2003, and the adverts I've put up along with it date from around the same era.
The first ad is from a Big Daddy magazine dated 2001.
The 2nd ad is also from Big Daddy magazine and dated 2002.
The 3rd ad comes from a 2003 Straight No Chaser magazine.
You can see in the ads the kind of music the shop specialised in - very eclectic, very obscure, very underground!
One of the albums in their window display on the photo is one I have in my collection, only mine is on CD - The Psychomania soundtrack.
The film dates from around 1972 but 2003 was the first time the music from it had been released.
The album itself is not particularly dance based material but I can image some of the psychedelic jazz rock grooves on it being sampled and given a new lease of life on the dancefloor!

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