Saturday, 16 March 2013


The photo of Honest Jon's record shop in London at the top of the display here is one I took in 2002.
It's a place I'd been familiar with for at least a couple of decades prior to the picture, so I thought it would be a good idea to accompany the snap with some ads covering these 20 or so years.
The top ad comes from a 1982 issue of Collusion fanzine.
The ad under it is from a 1991 Echoes.
The final ad (now in colour!) comes from a Straight No Chaser magazine dated 2000.
As you can see they sold a variety of music styles - jazz, funk, leftfield, African, soul, hip hop, house and so on.
I've opted to pluck out an album from my collection that gets a mention in the first ad that goes way back to 1982 - the "Sound D'Afrique" compilation - although the LP itself actually came out in 1981.
Incidentally, the shop in shot is where James Lavelle once worked before he moved on to start up the excellent Mo Wax label.

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